Villa Arconati

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Villa Arconati-FAR closes the 2018 season in style


The first Christmas in the Villa was a great success, which saw 1,500 people enthusiastic about the warm and welcoming atmosphere that Villa Arconati-FAR was able to give thanks to its timeless charm.

Many were the activities that the Augusto Rancilio Foundation organized for young and old, to make this day truly unique in the enchantment of Christmas: the beautiful animated reading "The strange case of the book of Castellazzo", the work to make your own greetings card helped by the Elves, the many letters written for Santa Claus ...
And again: the carriage rides to discover the legend of the Elf of Villa Arconati, the small Christmas market of the artisans..
The charm of the past centuries has resumed life before the eyes astonished by the public with Christmas in the 1600s in the 1700s and 1800s ...
Christmas is also the taste of good things! Pancakes, roasted chestnuts and mulled wine, candies, bonbons, cotton candy, popcorn, crepes and the delicious Christmas Brunch have accompanied and "warmed" the palates of the many visitors.

Many children have seen Santa Claus get in the carriage at 15.00!
Our father, on his long journey from the North Pole to the homes of all the children of the world, came to rest for a couple of hours in the Red Room, where he embraced the many children who brought their letters to them and I wanted to take a picture with him.

Fondazione Augusto Rancilio thanks the partners who have collaborated to make this day unique: the Pro Loco of Bollate, New Team Banqueting, the Compagnia Carlo de Cristoforis, the Vivere Castellazzo Association, Dodo Carrozze, Malpensa Meetings.
A truly memorable season is the one that ended on December 16th, which confirms the constant increase in the number of visitors and participants in the activities promoted.

Fondazione Augusto Rancilio wishes to thank:
the 18,000 visitors of Sunday openings
the 7,600 spectators of the Festival of Villa Arconati-FAR
the 5,000 spectators of the Terraforma Festival
the 9,000 participants at the evenings of Birra in Villa and at Birra in Festa
all the artists who have exhibited
the married couples who have chosen Villa Arconati-FAR to celebrate their wedding
the many private productions that have believed in the beauty of the Villa for their shooting, team building and corporate events.

Villa Arconati-FAR closes to the public for a few months, but the Augusto Rancilio Foundation continues its tireless work to make it return to its former glory and to organize cultural and social activities that make it always alive and projected towards the future.

Fondazione Augusto Rancilio would like to thank the Press for their constant support for the proposed initiatives and wishes them happy holidays.
See you again at the blossoming of Spring 2019 with lots of news!