Villa Arconati

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Augusto Rancilio Foundation

The Foundation is a non-profit organization. Its purpose is study and research in the fields of architecture, design and urban planning, as well as in the disciplines related and functional to them. It also deals in the protection, promotion and enhancement of artistic and historical matters covered by Legislative Act N.42 of 22/01/2004, Italian Code of Cultural Heritage and Landscape, with special reference to the property complex known as “Villa Arconati” in Bollate. The Foundation operates in the Lombardy Region of Italy by development of cultural events, relationships, and national and international connections.

Its headquarters is Villa Arconati, one of the most important examples of the Lombard ”Pleasure Villas”, at the centre of the territory of Castellazzo. It is located in the Parco delle Groane and is close to the new Rho-Pero exhibition centre. It is here that the Foundation, as well as promoting cultural and educational activities, is engaged in an important restoration project of the Villa and its gardens. The aim of its project is not only to give this place of heritage back to the community, but also to develop, through a contemporary and international lens, a place of architecture and art that in the past was known as the ”Versailles of Milan”.