Villa Arconati

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The Project of Restauro

The Augusto Rancilio Foundation is promoting a programme of restoration and development of Villa Arconati and its monumental gardens. Villa Arconati, thanks to the involvement of lovers of art and architecture – such as Galeazzo and Giuseppe Antonio Arconati, who between the 17th and 18th centuries, gave the Villa the form we see today - can once again come alive thanks to contemporary forms of philanthropic investment.

For this the Foundation is open to partnerships with public and private bodies who are interested in participating in a large shared project, which is not only aimed at preserving this great piece of historic, cultural and natural heritage, but in giving it back to the community as a laboratory for the future, the centre of a path of development founded on the culture and creativity of today.

The vision behind the project is the transformation of the entire complex to become a centre of cultural production and recreation. This will be in continuity with its history, respecting and developing the heritage landscape of which it is a part and in relation to the development opportunities of the territory, linked also to its strategic position close to Milan. To this end, the Foundation is promoting Villa Arconati LAB: a roadmap to bring about a rebirth of Villa Arconati as a new centre of the creative and contemporary arts, from architecture and design to visual and performance art, fashion and food. In this way the Foundation’s project complements the parallel project for the restoration of the Borgo of Castellazzo – whose spaces are to be transformed into a “Village of Creativity”, dedicated to residences and workshops of creative professionals – while the agricultural land surrounding the Villa is the subject of a plan of development to become an innovative model of sustainability.

Even citizens and visitors can join the project, with just a small donation to inscribe their names in the history of the Villa. Became a Friend of Villa Arconati-FAR!

Opportunities for participation
For businesses, dealing with art and culture does not mean just supporting them, but investing in a communication with high added value in their areas of reference. Fondazione Augusto Rancilio is open to the creation of shared projects that allow stakeholders to benefit from advantages and opportunities such as:
Institutional use of images and logos for the sponsor's own communication activities related to the partnership project;
Enhancement, within FAR communication, through web, social and print channels;
Granting of spaces for events;
Organization of guided tours;
Privileged methods of participation in the Festival of Villa Arconati-FAR or other events organized in collaboration;
Possibility to create customized formulas designed ad hoc.

For further information contact Augusto Rancilio Foundation at 393 8680934 or