Villa Arconati

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The Village

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From rural village to the new Village of Creativity.

The village developed as a rural cluster of houses nearby the “Villa franca del Castellazzo” which is documented from the Middle Ages, in an area which was covered by woods and moors, which went on to be used for tilling and grazing.

Initially it included houses, barns and outhouses, to which were also later added the houses of artisans, farmers and furnace workers. Situated to the north of the Villa, the village developed together with it, with subsequent adjustments to buildings and yards, reaching its current configuration at the beginning of the twentieth century. The complex is subdivided into several yards: from the large yard – with the well at its centre – to the new yard, once reserved for farmers, the yard of the new houses and the blacksmith’s yard. The farmstead, the furnaces, the Fametta oratory and the ancient cemetery were later annexed, in addition to Castellazzino, for residential use.

Today the spaces of the village, due to their atmosphere and their strategic vicinity to the Milan Fair at Rho, are the subject of a study for a new project of property restoration and conversion: its transformation into a “Village of Creativity“, dedicated to residences and workshops for art, architecture and design professionals. This project is running side by side with the project of the Augusto Rancilio Foundation for the future of Villa Arconati.