Villa Arconati

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Centro Studi FAR

Fondazione Augusto Rancilio has set up a Centro Studi in Villa Arconati-FAR to retrieve and catalog studies and sources relating to the FAR and Villa Arconati collections. 

The FAR Study Center intends to promote and enhance the Foundation's cultural heritage by conducting research in its own home and supporting the realization of studies conducted by external subjects as well.

Some of the ongoing activities:
Presence - Temporary exhibition set up inside Villa Arconati-FAR (April 30-October 22, 2017) >>Link
Francesco Podesti - author of monochromes placed inside the villa
Study of the Laocoon - a nineteenth century copy kept in villa
Libraries Arconati-Busca - kept at the Foundation (XVII-XIX century)
Coat of arms of Castellazzo - recognition and cataloging
Primary decorative implant - Assignment hypothesis

Studies and research:
Pecorari Carlo, Storia di una galleria: Espace Kiron, Milano 2017
Studio e catalogazione della collezione Espace Kiron, Parigi 2017
Jacopo Milanesi, Galeazzo Arconati collezionista: il Museo e il Camerino di Gaston de Foix nella villa di Castellazzo, Pavia 2011
Valeria Curseri, La gestione delle ville storiche. Il caso di villa Arconati a Bollate, Milano 2016
Martina Bortoluzzi, Il museo ei giardini di Galeazzo Arconati (ante 1592-1649) presso la villa di Bollate, Milano 2016‚Äč

Recovery of historical materials:

Augusto Rancilio Foundation is also carrying out a project to find and study historical sources and materials about Villa Arconati-FAR. The historical and artistic documentation about the Villa is, in fact, fragmentary and is still subject to study and deepening.>>Link

To contact the Centro Studi FAR
Head of Study Center: Arianna Errico

Photogallery >>Link