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New Looks for Ancient Rooms



Sguardi nuovi per antiche stanze (New looks for ancient rooms) The Kiron collection at Villa Arconati FAR

For the 2018 exhibition season, Villa Arconati FAR offers a selection of works by the most representative artists of the large collection gathered in Paris by Espace Kiron between the 1980s and 2000s.

Each of the artists - who in recent decades have woven an ongoing relationship with the gallery - in fact, was given a room on the main floor of the building, so as to form six monographic sections that return a concise portrait of the research by Antoni Taulé, Pierluigi Bellacci, Peter Deckers aka Varozza, Jean-Luc Guérin and André Queffurus, with the addition of Emanuele Gregolin, whose presence in the collection demonstrates the continuing incentive for young artists promoted earlier by Kiron and now by FAR.

Conceived in the perspective of a permanent exhibition that rethinks the rooms of the villa in a dialectic relationship between ancient and modern, this exhibition makes for the first time the point on the unique experience of "corporate" patronage accomplished by Espace Kiron, thus constituting the first opportunity of representative documentation for the artists who most closely linked their history to this enlightened and unprecedented cultural initiative.

News October 2018: The exhibition of contemporary art that shows some of the most representative works of the contemporary art collection of Kiron Espace at the Piano Nobile of Villa Arconati-FAR, is enriched with a new section on the ground floor, with two dedicated rooms to two other "gazes" of the most representative artists of Kiron's artistic panorama: Josep Uclés and James Brown.

Josep Uclés (1952 in Badalona, ​​Spain - 2013 in La Roca del Vallés, Spain)
In the seventies of the twentieth century he was part of the neo-expressionist movement: his large paintings are expressive and luminous with intense and emotional colors. His work evokes a new dimension full of magical connotations, a place inhabited by anthropomorphic and ethereal beings that roam in the cosmical space. Josep Uclés tells us about our world and our time through images beyond reasoning.

James Brown (1951 in Los Angeles, USA)
In him we observe a research aimed at reflecting on the symbol and on reality, linked to each other with marked sensitivity. His research tends more and more to depict small signs, compositions of materials, together with chromatic backgrounds that go to mark the back of ancient maps applied on linen. Brown's work has become, over the years, a profound and complex reflection on the experience of the sensible and on the existence of the journey, understood as an inner journey.

Villa Arconati-FAR
from 29 April  - can be visited during Sunday openings
Free admission (upon purchase of the admission ticket € 5.00)

Exhibition by Luca Pietro Nicoletti
Italian / English catalog edited by Luca Pietro Nicoletti with the collaboration of Martina Bortoluzzi and texts by Sonia Corain and Carlo Pecorari