Villa Arconati

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CNA Milano


The CNA, National Confederation of Crafts and Small and Medium Enterprises, is the general and unitary system of representation of craft enterprises, their entrepreneurs, trade and tourism, small and medium-sized enterprises and related associated forms. The Provincial Association of Milan associates 3600 companies and 3,000 pensioners.

Giving value to craftsmanship and small and medium-sized businesses, representing their unity and contributing to the harmonious growth of the country. This mission is pursued by supporting companies in the path of growth and development, offering protection, representation, information, training, services and lobbying to public decision makers. In addition, the CNA devotes particular attention to the dissemination of entrepreneurial culture and work among young people, promoting synergies with the territory also the realization of synergies between universities, research centers and technological innovation and the SME system.

CNA Milan supported the Villa Arconati-FAR project, sharing with the Augusto Rancilio Foundation the aim of returning this heritage to the community and making the Villa a pole of cultural production, education and information at the service of the territory and the country. With the precious contribution of CNA, it was possible to restore the wooden windows of the prestigious Sala Galliari.

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