Villa Arconati

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E.ON Italia


One of the largest energy operators in the world with private capital (40,000 employees) and among the leading energy operators in Italy, active in the sale of energy solutions and in electricity generation from renewable sources.

It has long been committed to providing concrete answers to the problem of climate protection and energy efficiency, to ensure a secure supply and responsible management of energy resources. The commercial offers aim to offer products and services to help the customer to consume less and better. Energy saving education from a young age is one of the answers to the topic of climate protection.

Within the scope of Social Responsibility activities there are also initiatives dedicated to the territories in which it is mainly present, including the Milan Metropolitan area, to benefit local communities, customers and employees.

E.ON is currently the energy partner of Villa Arconati-FAR
At Villa Arconati-FAR the E.ON “100% renewable energy” has been chosen to illuminate arts and culture. An energy-efficient lighting system has been designed and installed in the “Red Hall”, in collaboration with E.ON Energia.

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