08 Dec 2019

Public Opening 8/12 - -

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    Every Sunday until 15th of December, from 11am to 6pm


    Ticket: Full: € 7,00; Reduced*: € 5,00

    Guided Tour Supplement: € 4,00

Public Opening 8/12 - -

Advent and Christmas magic in Villa Arconati-Far

The atmosphere of the most magical days of the year lights up in the small Versailles

On Sundays in December 2019, Villa Arconati-FAR opens its doors for Advent and Christmas: the unique atmosphere of the most magical period of the year will be made unforgettable in the Villa of Wonders! Roasted chestnuts and mulled wine, sweets and hot chocolate, candy and cotton candy .. and a warm and welcoming Christmas Brunch.
A small Christmas market with selected Lombard artisan producers. Waiting for the arrival of Santa Claus.. on Sunday, December 15th!
From 11 to 18 every Sunday come and spend a day between Nature, Culture, Art and Taste, you will find:

  • The Villa Arconati-Far Nativity: the Neapolitan crib created by the members of the Aiap Milan-Lainate headquarters, called “o’ Presebbio ”, is a true tradition, handed down from generation to generation. Besides being a religious symbol, it is a hymn to the craftsmanship of the Campania capital. The Neapolitan crib is the place where sacred and profane, spirituality and everyday life meet and merge. The beauty of the Villa and of the exhibition space, with the expressive power of the Neapolitan Nativity, will fill visitors with astonishment, cheering up the Christmas festivities.
  • The Christmas Choir: in the course of the day the Choir of the Parish Church of St. William of Castellazzo will delight guests with the typical Christmas carols... to warm up the atomosphere also through the songs of the most classic tradition
  • Christmas jobs for families with children: throughout the day in the Red Room, the Santa's Elves will help children and adults to make truly unique Christmas themed Villa Arconati-FAR tickets. Free activity for our guests
  • The Christmas of the Past Centuries: the Christmas tradition is lost in the fog of the times. but still today it fascinates with stories and customs with an ancient flavor, which still today have an enchanted charm. Just as in the past, some rooms of the villa will come alive with the ancient guests of the owners who came here to celebrate, showing us past customs and traditions. And the ancient hosts will accompany you to discover the magical atmosphere of the Villa in exclusive guided tours with an ancient flavor.
  • Carriage Tour to discover the Garden: on Sunday 1 and 8, visitors will be able to experience the garden of Villa Arconati-FAR in a truly unique way, with an exclusive carriage ride to discover the beauty of the prospects and the berceaux that are undressed of vegetation, for welcome the mist and elegance of frost.
    And at nightfall.. the garden is dressed in an enchanted atmosphere!
  • The Christmas market of the Villa: under the Loggiato about fifteen exhibitors, chosen among the best Lombard artisanal realities, will give life to the small Christmas Market of the Villa, for those who want to take home a little Christmas gift that supports small producers.
  • Even in the Bookshop of Villa Arconati-FAR you can find many handmade objects thanks to the collaboration with artisanal and social realities of the territory, who collaborate with Fondazione Augusto Rancilio to create unique and exclusive products: embroidered towels, jewelery with semi-precious stones of Baroque inspiration, scented candles with liquorice and spices with golden and silver decorations, ceramic decorations for the Christmas tree, jams, honey and other organic products ... and much more, for exclusive Christmas gifts with a spirit of solidarity.
  • Leonardo at Villa Arconati-FAR: on the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo Da Vinci, the Augusto Rancilio Foundation hosts two exhibitions dedicated to the Tuscan genius and many events to celebrate it. Leonardo and the Arconates have, in fact, a common history that has lasted for over 400 years and is hidden within the walls of the Villa. Exhibitions and meetings with the culture of our time, shows, events and educational activities will allow us to understand the figure of Leonardo in an unrepeatable context, which will be an opportunity to discover an almost forgotten history. >>Read More
  • The exhibition of the works of Kiron Espace also continues in 2019: six rooms on the main floor take on new life thanks to the work of six of the most representative exponents of the rich collection of contemporary art in the Parisian gallery. To these six rooms is added one with a protagonist of absolute exception: Egidio Costantini, the "master of glass" who collaborated among others with Oskar Kokoschka, Marc Chagall, Pablo Picasso, Jean Arp, Max Ernest and Peggy Guggenheim. The Augusto Rancilio Foundation is therefore confirmed as a reference point for the enhancement of Italian contemporary art. >>Read More
  • Vintage Coaches: new spaces will be open to the public during 2019, including from March 24 three ex-warehouses in the courtyard next to the Scuderie Nobili, within which a permanent exhibition of original vintage carriages will be opened, used for public and private transport in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The exhibition is held thanks to the loan of Dodo Carrozze.
  • Exclusive guided tours. There are many ways to get to know and experience Villa Arconati-FAR: a walk in the wonderful garden, a tasty brunch prepared by Caffè Goldoni, a visit to the historical and contemporary exhibitions. But for those who want to discover all the secrets of the Villa and immerse themselves in its centuries-old history, FAR offers exclusive guided tours to learn about the history that has made this place unique and have the opportunity to visit some of the most intimate (and otherwise inaccessible environments including the splendid Wing of the Ladies: (reservation on site, 11:30 am - 4 pm, € 4,00, with guide in vintage dress, 3 pm, € 6.00, upon purchase of the ticket for the Villa € 7/5);
  • Christmas Brunch - from 12:00 to 15:00: The Sala Museo, which welcomes visitors for the Brunch, will be dressed up for the occasion of the warm and welcoming Christmas atmosphere. The Brunch will consist of 2 rounds (12: 00-13: 30 and 13: 30-15: 00) to offer everyone the opportunity to have lunch in the magical Christmas atmosphere. Reservations are recommended (msg Whatsapp at 393.6638140) Please note that the cost of Brunch should be added to the Villa admission ticket (€7/5). Further Info on services, Brunch and booking >>Read More
  • Desserts, Hot Chocolate Candy and Gold Yarn with Goldoni Coffee: Even our Caffè Goldoni will dress in the magical atmosphere of Christmas and will offer a cozy tea room where you can enjoy a delicious Christmas snack with hot drinks, chocolate, slices of cake , biscuits and of course the typical Christmas cakes! And in the Corte Nobile .. roasted chestnuts and mulled wine.

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