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Beer in Grigioverde 13/09 - -

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Beer in Grigioverde 13/09 - -

Friday 13 September - Beer in Grigioverde
from 19.00 to 1.00, Corte Nobile (in case of rain in the inner rooms). Free entry

The 1940s live again for an evening at Birra in Villa: we go back to the times of the Second World War with an evening in which the war is certainly NOT celebrated, but rather the peace conquered. Because remembering is necessary, so that what happened does not happen again. An evening in which civilians and military Americans, Italians and Germans will find themselves together to rejoice together in the end of the conflict and the rediscovered peace.

It will also be possible to participate in guided tours of the military camps and field hospital set up for the 4th edition of "Villa Arconati-FAR in Grigioverde" scheduled for Sunday 15 September p.v. Special menus for the evening: the craft beers of the Follia Pura Brewery will go back in time and will accompany the typical dishes of the German, Italian and American "deployments".


Every Friday Follia Pura Brewery presents a selection of its best craft beers that meet the tastes of all types of audiences: Kite Ipa, Indian style pale ale craft beer: light amber, balsamic, resinous with hints of honey; Amanacer, in session style india pale ale: golden, fruity, floral and exotic; Angelique, in Blanche style, straw yellow: spicy with coriander and orange peel; Kalispera, in pils style: golden yellow with malty and herbaceous hints; Dream Loop, in American pale ale style: amber, fruity, tropical with hints of caramel.

Evening info:
Pure Follia Craft Brewery: 333 3618080 - birrificiofolliapura@gmail.com
FAR: 393 8680934 - info@fondazioneaugustorancilio.com