19 mag 2019

Walking tour with the curator

Walking tour with the curator

Sunday 19 May, on the occasion of the opening of the exhibitions lines. Mario Raciti and Valdi Spagnulo and Visioni di taglio. Alessandro Gioiello will be organized, for the public, an exclusive Walk with the Curator, in order to fully appreciate the works on display. The visit to the exhibitions, which will take place at 4.30 pm, will be free, upon purchase of the entrance ticket to the Villa. At the end of the guided tour, there will be the possibility to have a buffet aperitif (10 euros)

The exhibitions:

Linee. Mario Raciti e Valdi Spagnulo
Curated by Lorenzo Fiorucci and Luca Pietro Nicoletti, Exhibition wing - ground floor

The exhibition offers a dialogue between artists of different generations active in Milan: Mario Raciti and Valdi Spagnulo. Not two assorted artists with two exhibitions in the same place, but two languages ​​called to provoke a formal and poetic short circuit within a historically well-defined framework. United by a research developed around the possibilities of an abstract story through painting (Raciti) and sculpture (Spagnulo), the dialogue that the exhibition seeks to establish between them, despite the distance of an artistic medium, aims to highlight a reflection around the theme of lightness.
Every Sunday until October 27th 2019

Visioni di taglio. Alessandro Gioiello
Edited by Alessandro Botta and Luca Pietro Nicoletti.
Women's wing - noble floor

In line with the spirit that animated Espace Kiron in Paris between the 1980s and the 2000s, the Augusto Rancilio Foundation gives space to young contemporary art by presenting Alessandro Gioiello's work and his visual investigation into the language and consumption of images made through the iconographic reinvention and material of the lesson of the ancient masters. The visitor will be able to appreciate the two main strands of Gioiello's research around the collage technique.
Every Sunday until October 27th 2019

Sguardi nuovi per antiche stanze
Edited by Luca Pietro Nicoletti; with the collaboration of Martina Bortoluzzi
Noble floor

After the success of 2018, the selection of works by the most representative artists of the large collection gathered in Espace Kiron in Paris since the eighties continues: Antoni Taulé, Pierluigi Bellacci, Peter Deckers in art Varozza, Jean-Luc Guérin and André Queffurus , Emanuele Gregolin. The exhibition will be enriched by an absolutely exceptional new section: two works by Picasso made with the "master of glass" Egidio Costantini in the 1950s and 1960s, Flamenco and Centauro Testa will be exhibited for the first time. Furthermore, it will be possible to observe an original photograph by Picasso with Egidio Costantini and the Flamenco opera.
Every Sunday until December 15th 2019

Walk with the curator at 4.30pm
Free, upon purchase of the entrance ticket to the Villa

REQUIRED reservation walk with the curator: m.bortoluzzi@fondazioneaugustorancilio.com
For more info, timetables, discounts and conventions: m.bortoluzzi@fondazioneaugustorancilio.com

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