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Founded on July 14, 2003, Assifero is the national category association of Italian philanthropic foundations and institutions, non-profit entities of a private nature characterized by the provision of services (exclusive or prevalent) for the support of third sector organizations and projects promoted by them.

Over the years, Assifero has become the reference point for institutional philanthropy in Italy, associating today the main private foundations (family, corporate and community) and other philanthropic institutions, expression of a common Italian will where knowledge, traditions, skills and financial resources are put to good use for the human and sustainable development of our country and international contexts.

Assifero works to promote a more visible, informed, connected and effective Italian institutional philanthropy, recognized at all levels as a strategic partner for human and sustainable development.


Villa Arconati-FAR – 12 settembre 2018 - Si è tenuto a Villa Arconati-FAR il Primo Incontro delle Fondazioni di Famiglia Italiane organizzato da Assifero..