Access mode and Tickets:

Public opening season 2019: every Sunday from March 24th, from 11am to 7pm.
Dogs are allowed to enter the park only on a leash. During special events, access methods may vary.

ENTRANCE TO VILLA ARCONATI-FAR (allows access to the rooms on the ground floor and part of the main floor, Scuderie, Limonaia and Parco Monumentale).
Full price: € 7,00; Reduced*: € 5,00

€ 4,00 (€ 6,00 with guides in period customes, if present)
*guided tours on a fixed shift 11:30 am; 2:30 p.m.; 5:30 p.m.

Visit Villa Arconati FAR in augmented reality and admire the works present in the splendid rooms on the noble floor. >>Read More

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Discounts and Conventions

*Reduced for the “Friends of Villa Arconati-FAR”, children under 12, disabled people, associations and institutions affiliated with FAR, owners of the Villa Litta Ticket.
Free admission: Children under 6 years; Carers of people with disabilities.

Guided tours for groups

Every day of the year, it is possible to request guided tours by reservation for organized groups and school groups. For information and quotations please click Here.

Fondazione Augusto Rancilio is a non-profit organization, the contributions collected by visitors to Villa Arconati-FAR are used for social promotion activities, management and restoration of the property, each "Amico di Villa Arconati-FAR" is the lifeblood of this place allows its recovery and its return to the territory.

Theme routes

Your Visit to Villa Arconati-FAR is:

Nature and Sculpture
The Monumental Garden

10 hectares of Italian garden with classical stone sculptures enclosed in the "theaters", berceaux that form real galleries and carpinians that create an authentic monument of verdure, which the autumn gives a thousand strokes of warm yellow tones and red. 2 hectares of French garden - one of the very few still preserved in Lombardy - where the charming parterre draws an ideal perspective towards the infinite, where the carpino "dancers" dance in the thousand colors of autumn.

The Ground Floor

It offers a glimpse of some of the most daily noble environments of the villa, such as the Stables, the Hall of Carriages and the Sala del Museo, totally dedicated to classical antiquity where the illustrative bas-reliefs of the Trajan's Columns and above all the impressive original sculpture of the I century AD of the Emperor Tiberius, once believed to have been Pompey the Great, under whom the legend said that Julius Caesar was stabbed to death.

The Noble Floor

From this year you can visit part of the noble floor independently, while the guided tour will lead you to discover the secrets of the period of greatest splendor "at the court" of the Arconati, in some rooms that can be visited exclusively with our guides.

The Kiron Collection at Villa Arconati-FAR

The exhibition of contemporary art shows some of the most representative works of the contemporary art collection of Kiron Espace on the Piano Nobile of Villa Arconati-FAR. FAR offers a selection of works by six of the most representative artists of this conspicuous collection >>Read More

Exhibitions at Villa Arconati-FAR

In line with the Espace Kiron tradition, Augusto Rancilio Foundation gives space to the works of a young artist Alessandro Gioiello and to two more mature artists Valdi Spagnulo and Mario Raciti. Alessandro Gioiello proposes a reflection on ancient art through the collage technique while Valdi Spagnulo and Mario Raciti conquer for them light art through the leaning of the graphic sign. >>Read More

Leonardo in Villa Arconati-FAR

On the five hundredth anniversary of the death of Leonardo Da Vinci, Fondazione Augusto Rancilio with the collaboration of the Municipality of Bollate, Anthelios Edizioni and Alveare Cooperativa Sociale Onlus hosts two exhibitions dedicated to the Tuscan Engineer and many events to celebrate it. >>Read More


Catering: every Sunday the elegant brunch in the Red Room from 12:00 to 15:00 (€ 25 including water, wine and coffee - children aged 3 to 10 years € 15,00) and from 17:30 happy hour (€ 10). Present an internal refreshment point, Caffè GOLDONI, dedicated to the famous guest playwright in the villa at the court of Giuseppe Antonio Arconati in the mid-eighteenth century summers, offers visitors a rich selection of foods, drinks, sweet and savory snacks. Possibility of booking at +39 3936638140 or and more.. Hot drinks, sandwiches, toast, snacks and delicacies to spend a delicious afternoon of taste. Come and enjoy the Arconati Delight: the chocolate cake with lemon peel exclusively prepared as a tribute to the ancient nobility of the Villa!