The 2021 Exhibitions

Augusto Rancilio Foundation organizes, during the year, three exhibitions that can be visited to coincide with the openings to the public, included in the entrance ticket to the Villa

L'artificio pulsante. Riccardo Rossati a Villa Arconati-FAR

Curated by Martina Bortoluzzi and Valeria Foglia

Riccardo Rossati is a young painter and scholar of techniques and a profound connoisseur of every aspect of his art, as claimed by the art critic Claudio Strinati.
He is a phenomenal designer. An expert on the subject. A craftsman who is completely self-sufficient for the concrete realization of the work. He knows how to make the colors with which he works himself, based largely on the knowledge of the ancients. But he is above all a connoisseur of moods. Just as the master catalogs every type of color and pictorial material, he also catalogs feelings with the same significance and precision. The exhibition offers the young artist's vision drawn from his emotional experience with Villa Arconati and which will allow the viewer to delve into the complexity of the author's visions and poetics, aimed at investigating multiple aspects of the unconscious beyond sensitive reality.
Admission: Until October 31st - Exhibition wing (included in each ticket).

Dialoghi. 30 anni del Festival di Villa Arconati-FAR attraverso le foto di Angelo Redaelli

Curated by Martina Bortoluzzi and Valeria Foglia

An exhibition that contains thirty years of Angelo Redaelli's work. Photographer with great experience in the communication sector, currently engaged in immortalizing theater and dance performances. Photographic exhibition dedicated to the Villa Arconati-FAR Festival, it is an evocative journey to get to know the great artists who participated in the musical event. A look behind the scenes, to discover the background of the singing evenings framed by the suggestive historic residence.
The Augusto Rancilio Foundation therefore confirms itself as a point of reference for the enhancement of contemporary Italian art, which finds fertile ground in Villa Arconati-FAR to continue the path of promotion and support of young artists already begun by Kiron.
Access: Until October 31st - Limonaia (included in each ticket)

Breve storia dell'imperizia. Marco Useli a Villa Arconati-FAR

Curated by Luca Pietro Nicoletti

Augusto Rancilio Foundation, following the path of Kiron Espace, once again this year opens its ancient women's rooms to a young artist from Dorgali: Marco Useli, born in 1983. Enterprising and eclectic, with his inspiration he is able to transfer the sensations and the energies of Villa Arconati-FAR.
His work is distinguished by the particularity of the pictorial technique: through a roller he manages to impress on paper dense repeating stains, dissolving in the repetition of the passage of the instrument. The exhibition will host an unpublished work by Useli specially designed and created for FAR.
Access: Until October 31st - Piano Nobile (included in the guided tour of the Palace)