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The value of the research

Fondazione Augusto Rancilio has set up a study center at Villa Arconati-FAR that deals with retrieving and cataloging studies and sources related to the FAR collections, the villa and its park.

The Centro Studi FAR intends to promote and enhance the cultural heritage of the Foundation, conducting research internally and supporting the realization of studies also carried out by external subjects. We are available to students and researchers who are interested in carrying out works that concern the Foundation, the villa or its territory by providing material and also hosting internships or traineeships.

Some of the ongoing activities:
  • Celebrations of 500 years after the death of Leonardo da Vinci - studies and exhibit proposals for the 2019 season
  • Valuing the Groane - Conference-proposal for an ecomuseum in collaboration with Acli Bollate-Groane area
  • Castellazzo's crest - recognition and cataloging
  • Stables - study and comparison with Leonardo's works
  • Arconati-Busca book collections - kept at the Foundation (XVII-XIX century)
  • Francesco Podesti - author of monochromes placed inside the villa
  • Study on the Laocoon - nineteenth-century copy kept in the villa
  • Wall decorative implant - attribution hypothesis
Studies, research and activities
  • Sara Scaravilli, Conservation and restoration of wall paintings with stencil technique of Villa Arconati in Castellazzo di Bollate (MI), Milan 2018
  • Jacopo Stoppa, Art gleanings in the writings of Carlo Amoretti (1741-1816), Milan 2018
  • Convivium, short film made by students of the Media Design course - Naba, 2018
  • Silvia Colombo, For a stucco atlas in Milan in the eighteenth century, Milan 2017
  • Pecorari Carlo, History of a gallery: Espace Kiron, Milan 2017
  • Study and cataloging of the Espace Kiron collection, Paris 2017

Elena Marconi, Benedetta Matucci, Ignazio Villa: an 800 eclectic to be rediscovered through some new sculptures between Palazzo Pitti and its Palazzina-studio in Florence, Florence 2016

Valeria Curseri, The management of historic villas. The case of Villa Arconati in Bollate, Milan 2016

Martina Bortoluzzi, The museum and gardens of Galeazzo Arconati (before 1592-1649) at the villa of Bollate, Milan 2016

For information on the Centro Studi-FAR please use the FORM