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Caffè Goldoni

The Caffè Goldoni offers visitors a cafeteria service on the occasion of public openings and events, also organizing a tasty lunch buffet served, with a wide choice of first and second courses, vegetable side dishes, sweet and savory delicacies, wine, drinks and coffee. In compliance with the distancing rules and to offer the greatest number of Guests the opportunity to enjoy lunch like the noble Lords of the past, it will be possible to book your Lunch from 12:00 to 13:25 and from 13:30 to 15: 00, indicating the chosen time at the time of booking.
Access to the Lunch, reserved for Villa Visitors, is subject to the purchase of the daily entrance ticket or possession of a valid FAR Pass. Do you have the FAR Pass? You can book the Lunch in the Villa without having to pay the entrance ticket! (Buy the FAR PASS here).
LUNCH IN THE VILLA: Every Sunday 12: 00-13: 25 and 13: 30-15: 00. € 30.00 per person / € 20 for children up to 9 years (upon purchase of the entrance ticket). Limited places - Reservation is recommended (msg Whatsapp) at 393.6638140


In a splendid hall on the ground floor you will find the Bookshop of Villa Arconati-FAR, here are books, guides, gift ideas, stationery items on the theme of the garden and the old historic houses. It is also possible to buy the temporary exhibition catalogs organized by the Augusto Rancilio Foundation for its guests. Visit our bookshop, looking for a memory of your experience to be preserved forever!
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App in Augmented Reality

Visit Villa Arconati FAR in augmented reality and admire the works present in the splendid rooms on the noble floor. Discover the history of the Villa, its construction phases, the artists who worked on it and the families that made it the small Versailles of Italy over the centuries. Download it for Android  and IOS.


Inside the monumental park, our "little" guests have at their disposal a space dedicated to playing and discovering nature.