From rural village to the new Borgo della Creatività.

The Borgo Arconati has developed as a rural agglomeration around the "Villa franca del Castellazzo" of which evidence has been attested since the Middle Ages, in a territory covered by moorland and woods, with land for sowing and lawn for grazing.

It initially included farm houses, stables, rustic houses, which were later added to the homes of craftsmen, farmers and kiln workers. Located north of the Villa, it has developed in adherence to it, with subsequent adjustments of the buildings and courtyards until it reaches its current configuration at the beginning of the twentieth century.

The complex is divided into several courts: from the Corte Grande - with the well at the center - to the Corte Nuova, once reserved for the peasants, up to the Corte delle Case Nuove and the Corte del Fabbro. In addition were later annexed the Castellazzino for residential use, the Cascina Scessa, the Fornaci, the oratory of the Fametta and the ancient cemetery.

Today the spaces of the Borgo Arconati, for their atmosphere, and for their strategic proximity to FieraMilano in Rho, are the object of study of a new real estate project of recovery and reconversion, which joins the one of the Augusto Rancilio Foundation for the future of Villa Arconati-FAR: the ambitious project wants its transformation into a "Borgo della Creatività", dedicated to residences and ateliers for art, architecture and design professionals, generally for cultural and creative industry operators, but also to the service of new realities as the university center that is being installed on the spaces of Expo in Rho.