...Who is a "Friend of Villa Arconati-FAR"?

Who decides to leave an Imprint in the history of the Villa, who wants to support its development and its revival in the future. The Friends of Villa Arconati-FAR are a community of Private Citizens, Businesses and Institutions, united by the will to safeguard and relive this unique place, with its historical, cultural and environmental heritage, because it returns to be, as in the past, a dynamic and authoritative center of the Arts and Culture.

To become "Friend of Villa Arconati-FAR" it takes very little! You can contribute with a small donation to the Foundation to support the project and thus become the soul of its rebirth! A small contribution that represents a gesture of indelible friendship over time. Each "Friend of Villa Arconati-FAR" is the lifeblood of this place, it allows the recovery and its return to the territory.

Through the Paypal secure system on our website you can decide the amount of the Donation and pay with any bank circuit and, if you wish, you can leave your name forever transcribed in the permanent list of our contributors. Fondazione Augusto Rancilio will use 100% of your contribution to support the restoration and maintenance of the complex.

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Villa Arconati-FAR is a heritage open to the community: even a small contribution is an important step to come back to live together the charm and the atmosphere of the Villa and the Garden. Individuals can also be protagonists of this great project giving an online donation; participating in the life of the Villa (events, guided tours, shows, etc); using the Villa and its spaces for their own activities: receptions, weddings, etc.

Enter the community of the Friends of Villa Arconati-FAR, you have the opportunity to follow the work step by step, receive news and updates, take advantage of discounts and facilitations for opening to the public and events managed by the Foundation, participate in special dedicated initiatives to supporters.

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Companies and Foundations can enter the history of Villa Arconati-FAR, becoming active and strategic protagonists of its future. Each company or foundation, based on its objectives and identity, can contribute to the Villa Arconati-FAR Project in various ways, providing economic resources, services, skills, relationships, communication spaces.

In particular you can participate in the life of the Villa and the development of the Project; supporting a specific restoration site; use the Villa and Garden spaces for their own communication initiatives, relationship events, videophotographic stages, etc. making at the same time financial contributions to the Project.

In this way you join the supporters of Villa Arconati-FAR, benefiting from the opportunities reserved in general to the Friends of Villa Arconati-FAR, as well as taking advantage of specific initiatives planned for supporters, such as events, company initiatives or visits guided for employees.

The creative and contemporary preservation and reconversion of cultural heritage are strategic elements of an integrated vision of the development of the territory, an identity factor and a resource on which to invest for the quality of community life and for an economic development oriented towards innovation and valorisation. of cultural and creative industries.

Villa Arconati-FAR is a concrete example of this vision: it is already a strategic point of network oriented to enhance the historical, cultural and environmental heritage of the territory, such as the network of Grandi Giardini Italiani and that of Ville Gentilizie Lombarde, promoted by the Lombardy Region with the support of the Cariplo Foundation.