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The Federation is active in promoting culture and its use and accessibility to all citizens, as a sign of national identity and a resource for social growth and economic development of the territories.

Federculture supports the enhancement of cultural heritage and activities to help guide local development; boosts awareness campaigns and legislative interventions in favor of the sector; encourages research activities; designs and promotes innovative management models that promote quality, productivity and the organization of cultural services, in a logic of collaboration between the public and private sectors.
It was founded in June 1997 with 13 founding members. Today it is the association that represents the most important cultural companies of the country, many of them real excellences also at European level, together with Regions, Provinces, Municipalities, and all public and private subjects involved in the management of services related to culture , to tourism, and to leisure.

Through the network of its associates and the institutional partners with whom it interacts, Federculture affirms and supports the role of the company in the management of cultural assets and activities as a factor in the progress of the sector.

Fondazione Augusto Rancilio has been associated with Federculture since 2013, a nationally active organization promoting and supporting those involved in services and culture.