How to join the project?

Fondazione Augusto Rancilio has been promoting for years a process of enhancement and re-functionalization of the spaces of the Villa, aimed at making it a reference and attraction point for the creative and sustainable development of its territory. To achieve this, FAR is open to the support of all, Citizens, Companies, Institutions.

A Friend of Villa Arconati-FAR is a person who decides to leave an Imprint in the history of the Villa. Every small contribution is a gesture of friendship that will remain indelible over time. Each Friend is the lifeblood of this place, it allows its recovery and its return to the Territory.

Who donates, through the PayPal secure system, can decide to write his name in the permanent list of our contributors! Fondazione Augusto Rancilio will use 100% of your contribution to support the restoration and maintenance of the complex. Register your name immediately in the history of Villa Arconati-FAR, it takes little to do something!

And, if you want to participate more consistently, become a true supporter of the Foundation or fully sponsor a restoration site, you can contact us directly to find out about all the possibilities. Write now to for more information! 

Join the project

The "digital" fingerprint of donors
find out who has already supported us

The subscribers of the A Share have the following benefits**:

  • They become part of the "Friends of Villa Arconati-FAR", whose list is visible on the official website
  • A pocket guide of Villa Arconati-FAR, current year edition.

The subscribers of the Share B have the following benefits**:

  • They become part of the 'Friends of Villa Arconati-FAR', whose list is visible on the official website.
  • A FAR Pass, to access the Villa and the garden as many times as you want during the season!

The subscribers of the Quote C have the following benefits**:

  • They become part of the 'Friends of Villa Arconati-FAR', whose list is visible on the official website
  • A delicious Brunch, for two people, to be consumed in the splendid rooms of the Villa on the occasion of the Sundays opening to the public. 
  • Our heartfelt thanks for contributing to the activities of the Villa!

* Donations will be entirely allocated to the support of Villa Arconati-FAR, net of administrative management fees retained by the payment system only. ** Benefits for subscribers are valid for the current season from the date of donation, except for the status of 'Friend of Villa Arconati-FAR' that is acquired on a permanent basis. *** For those who wish it will be issued a certificate for donations starting from € 50.00. This request must be forwarded by writing an email to


With your contribution you will help the process of historical, cultural and environmental enhancement in progress. You can also support Villa Arconati-FAR by allocating your 5x1000 to the Augusto Rancilio Foundation, It costs you nothing! just enter our Tax Code 97041410156 and sign it in your tax declaration.

The 5x1000 makes it possible to allocate a portion of the IRPEF due to the support of non-profit organizations. It is not an additional tax and has no cost to the tax payer. By choosing to donate it to FAR you can actively contribute to the support of the important project promoted for Villa Arconati-FAR and the many activities in progress.

If you have any doubts, please read the answers to the most frequently asked questions below.

The 5x1000 of IRPEF is an additional cost to the tax payer?
NO. If the tax payer does not sign in the appropriate box of 5x1000, this remains at the State.

Does the 5x1000 replace the 8x1000?
NO. The 8x1000 remains as it is. The possibility of donating the 5x1000 is an extra possibility and does not replace or represent an alternative to devoting the 8x1000. You can do both together.

How do you donate your 5x1000?
The taxpayer can allocate the 5x1000 share of his personal income tax, by inserting the Tax Code of the Augusto Rancilio Foundation 97041410156 and signing his signature in the box "financing of activities for the protection, promotion and enhancement of cultural and landscape assets" which figures on the declaration models (CUD, 730, and UNIQUE Physical Persons).

Reporting of contributions received
Fondazione Augusto Rancilio thanks all the people who have chosen to donate their 5x1000 in favor of the many cultural and educational activities carried out at Villa Arconati-FAR in Bollate MI.
In the 2018 fiscal year, FAR received € 2,375.26, using the grant to support the Foundation's high operating costs, in particular electricity bills. No disbursements were made in favor of other entities or provisions for the amount received.