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  • 11/2021
    Villa Arconati was selected among the charity projects receiving financial support for the restoration of its cantinone in the context of the Barolo en primeur auction promoted by the CRC donare Foundation.
    Villa Arconati supported by the charity auction
  • 05/2021
    A new “treasure” can now be admired during the guided tours of the Palace, available every Sunday by reservation
    Just finished the restoration of the Armory
  • 05/2021
    Corriere della Sera extract 14.05.2021
    Una Delizia Giallo Pallido
  • 05/2021
    The theater has undergone a complete restoration that brought it back to its former glory and allowed us to discover beautiful water games.
    The Theater of Hercules
  • 05/2021
    The West Facade returns to its ancient eighteenth-century splendor. In fact, the last part of the scaffolding also descends today, revealing the splendid eighteenth-century facade, the triumph of the most elegant Lombard baroque style.
    The restoration of the west facade has been comple
  • 03/2021
    from Villegiardini.it, article by Carlotta Cigliana - March 17, 2021
    Il Parterre del Parco - da Villegiardini.it
  • 08/2020
    The weekend of August 15th will be a unique opportunity to experience Villa Arconati FAR not only during the day, but also in the magical atmosphere of sunset and evening with two unmissable entertainment opportunities!
    What a Show on August 15th!
  • 07/2020
    In recent months we have told you about the treasures of the Castellazzo palace, now we will tell you about the treasures of its garden, which you can admire in person every Sunday!
    Discovering our treasures_the Parterre
  • 06/2020
    The Diana Theater is the oldest of all those present in the Villa and has preserved the forests of Castellazzo since the seventeenth century
    The Treasures of the Garden of Wonders - Diana's Theatre
  • 06/2020
    After so many days, weeks, months locked in the house, we went back to see that there is a world outside! We have resumed the maintenance and restoration of the Villa and the Garden so that you will find our little Versailles more splendid than ever
    The garden of wonders of Villa ArconatiFAR reopens
  • 06/2020
    Today we are talking about an authentic treasure, which unfortunately is no longer in our noble rooms: a beautiful antique four-poster bed, which superbly furnished a bedroom adjacent to the Sala della Caccia.
    Discovering our Treasures: Raphael's bed and the Chambers of the Seasons
  • 05/2020
    This room is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating in the whole building for its refined decoration and for the meaning that this unfolds to our eyes.
    Discovering our Treasures: the Zodiac room
  • 05/2020
    The comment most often heard by first-time visitors is: "but are these the stables?" Well yes!
    Discovering our Treasures_the stables
  • 05/2020
    In the eighteenth century, when everything had to be great, you certainly could not be satisfied with having a guest room!
    Discovering our Treasures: the Parade apartment
  • 04/2020
    Today we open the doors of one of the most elegant and refined rooms of our Villa: the Ballroom. The room, built by Giuseppe Antonio Arconati by the mid-eighteenth century, is the largest of the 70 rooms in the building and measures 200 square meters.
    Discovering our Treasures: The Ballroom
  • 04/2020
    Our French garden is one of the very few still preserved in Lombardy today. This is because between the end of the eighteenth century and the beginning of the nineteenth century many gardens were transformed with the new "English" taste..
    Discovering our Treasures: the Parterre
  • 04/2020
    Perhaps not everyone knows that Villa Arconati-FAR is so large that it can afford an entire wing dedicated to its ladies.
    Discovering our Treasures: l'Ala delle Signore
  • 04/2020
    Among the treasures that Villa Arconati-FAR holds, there are also some that speak of a century too often forgotten: the nineteenth century.
    Discovering our Treasures: I Monocromi di Francesco Podesti
  • 04/2020
    One of the little-known treasures, opened for the first time to the public only in 2019 on the occasion of the exhibition on Leonardo's Codex Atlanticus.
    Discovering our Treasures: La Sala della Caccia
  • 03/2020
    It is one of the flagships of the Villa, the most impressive and spectacular room, the one that generates amazement and admiration in anyone who enters it
    Discovering our Treasures: La Sala di Fetonte
  • 03/2020
    How beautiful is Villa Arconati-FAR? We tell you about the "delights" of our little Versailles
    Our little Versailles will always be more beautiful!
  • 06/2019
    In the last week of June, Villa Arconati-FAR offers you many events including culture, art, music and entertainment.
    Appointments of June 24-30
  • 04/2019
    The paintings in the Sala della Caccia return to the Villa
  • 04/2019
    La Grande Milano at Villa Arconati-FAR 5 May 2019
  • 03/2019
    Picasso a Villa Arconati-FAR
  • 03/2019
    Corriere della Sera - Milan edition
  • 03/2019
    Spring flowers and Villa Arconati-FAR reopens (IT)
  • 01/2019
    Marie Claire Maison
  • 04/2018
    la Repubblica - Edition Milano
    History, art and picnics in the meadow (IT)