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Fondazione Cariplo

For over 25 years Fondazione Cariplo has been committed to supporting, promoting and innovating socially useful projects related to the art and culture, environment, personal services and scientific research sectors. Every year more than 1000 projects are carried out on average thanks to grants distributed through calls for tenders, emblematic, territorial and institutional grants, worth around 150 million euros per season.
In 2016, 25 years after its birth, Fondazione Cariplo launched 4 intersectoral programs that carry the core values ​​of Cariplo's philanthropy: innovation, attention to disadvantaged social categories, opportunities for young people, welfare for all.
These 4 programs with a high social impact are: Cariplo Factory, AttivAree, Lacittàintorno, Cariplo Social Innovation. Not just a patron, but the engine of ideas.

Fondazione Cariplo supported the restoration of Villa Arconati-FAR, through an important contribution to the "Spazio Andromeda" site destined to become a new multi-purpose center within the Villa, and contributed to the realization of the "Quell'esplosione, cent 'years ago ", from 3 to 10 June 2018.